About us


We make options traders profitable; providing the training, trade setups, and tools necessary to go from being a novice to a (semi-)pro options trader.

No need to quit your current job – in fact, a part time approach is encouraged as you work to earn an additional salary in 5 hours a week or less!

We aim to beat the market’s return each year.  We do not believe in get rich quick schemes.  This is a disciplined, successful approach to trading. 


A team of one, so just “We” in the royal sense…

I work full time, I have a family, two kids, a mortgage, just like many of you.

I have been able to successfully trade options for many years, treating it as a separate salary to provide for my family.  I want to teach others to do the same!

Disclaimer – Option Salary does not offer investment, legal, or tax advice of any kind and should not be interpreted as such.