Option Salary closed to new paid members on 12/31/2022

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Yes, we are closing paid memberships at the end of 2022.  Please see the full article that details our (tremendous!) performance for the last 3 years, why the site was created, and what we’re doing moving forward.

Silver members receive at their trade ideas each Sunday via email.

Trade entries/adjustments/exits are provided in near real time.  Text updates come first (as fast as I can type), followed by an email alert.

The results from 1/6/2020 through November 18, 2022 are here
The last 6 months of trades are also displayed on that page.
With the closing to new members at the end of the 2022, results will no longer be public.

Once you are a Silver member, simply click the link from your homepage, provide your details and you’ll be instantly added to our list.  We’ll Only use your phone number for text entries, adjustments, and exits.
Even more detailed instructions are on a members only page here

No, unless you are already rich.  The approach we take at Option Salary is to build a reliable second income in just a few hours a week.  We aim to beat the market and achieve consistent repeatable results.  Read more about our approach here.  We publicly shared results from 1/6/2020 through 11/18/2022 here as well.

If you sign up under an annual rate, you will be billed once per year. 
If you sign up for our regular monthly service, you’ll be billed once per month.
No charge for the free membership – ever.
You may cancel at any time.

Simply contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!