Getting Started

Getting Started

Our target audience is someone that wants to trade part time – because they have a full time job or simply a full time life outside of trading. 

Join us and start trading profitably in less than 5 hours per week.

Option Salary is not a site for beginners. You will get the most value if you have completed basic options education, have a brokerage account, and have allocated some starting capital.  This quick guide walks you through each. 

For someone brand new to options, I only recommend the free education by the Options Industry Council (OIC)
While there is a lot of beginner content out there, much of it is flawed and has the potential to ingrain poor habits, which can be quite costly.

If you prefer learning from books, I recommend Option Volatility and Pricing by Sheldon Natenberg.

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Once you’ve mastered the basics, there is plenty of advanced education on this site.  Join as a free Bronze member and receive the latest educational articles and trade updates in your inbox.

With most online brokers offering free stock trades and fixed commissions on option contracts, ultimately you should pick the brokerage with the best trading platform for you.  I have used most platforms and currently recommend Tastyworks for beginners as their options commissions are low and the platform is pretty easy to use. Signing up through this link partially offsets the cost of running the site.
For more experienced traders, I recommend TD Ameritrade.  Contact me for a referral link that will earn you up to $1000 depending on your deposit size.

Recommend depositing at least $5000 to your brokerage for your new trading business.  This allows you to have multiple positions on concurrently and not risk your entire account.  Please note this is the minimum and will allow for only a limited number of options strategies.  Some techniques involve holding stock for a short period of time, which is more capital intensive.
The results on this website assume an account size of $25k, one can certainly scale accordingly depending on account size and risk tolerance.

Now that you have a foundation in Options and a funded brokerage account, you are ready to start earning a salary part time trading options!

Start exploring the site (ideas below!), join for free or upgrade to a paid option, and contact us with any questions!