Trade Ideas – Sandbox

Sample Put Sale Ideas:

  • The above trades are for educational purposes only and do not constitute financial advice
  • Prices are as of the mid-point when the idea was found. Free ideas will be reviewed/updated nightly.
  • Future versions of this page will include put spreads and other trade types
  • Questions, recommendations, requests? Reach out here

How do I use this?

It is pretty straightforward, the table provides some curated option sale ideas based on several factors that I’ve found to be useful over the year. Let’s cover each column:

  • Option – simply, this is the details of the option that can be sold – includes Ticker, expiration, strike, and type (puts in this case)
  • Price – the mid point price of the option when I found the idea. Mid point is defined as the (bid + ask)/2
  • Yield – This is the annualized yield of the put sale if one were to do the same trade repeatedly for a year
  • Decay – This is the average daily decay of the option from the time the trade is placed to expiration. It does not take into account the non-linear decay of options, changes to volatility, etc.
  • Delta – the delta of the put. Note that it is listed as negative. You will have a positive delta if you Sell the option.
  • Stock Price – the underlying’s price

You can filter on the the Option column if you want to see only certain symbols or expirations

The price, yield, and decay columns allow you to filter by a minimum value.

Why didn’t you include [insert symbol here]?

This takes time to create and I’m starting with symbols that I’m interested in using. Members have access to more ideas, customized symbols/filters, etc. In the meantime, I’ll add ideas based on my bandwidth and requests. Reach out with symbol requests or Any recommendations here