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Successfully trade from anywhere (almost)

If you have a mobile device and an internet connection, you can trade from anywhere.

95% of my trades are done from my mobile phone.  The only time I trade from a laptop or desktop is if I’m on a “staycation” or the rare holiday where the markets aren’t closed.

Why?  I work full time.  I’m gainfully employed.  I certainly cannot use my work computer to trade stocks and options.  I can, however, use my lunch break to place my trades a couple times a week and make significant money doing so.

The best part is almost any smartphone will do.  I use an iPhone 5s hand me down (over?) from my wife after she dropped it, cracked the screen, and gave it to me.  (Side note – they aren’t that hard to fix and you can save a ton doing it yourself – use the link to Amazon at the bottom of the page, search for your phone and “screen replacement”, set aside an hour and have fun!)

My trading weapon of choice … now 6 years old.

I have used both Android and iPhone phones for trading – pick whatever you prefer.  Re-use your existing phone or buy a cheap one for dedicated trading.  I prefer the latter, so you aren’t distracted by Facebook updates, memes, or your favorite websites (like OptionSalary, of course).  You can delete most of the apps, or at least hide the shortcuts on your home screen to focus.

For service, simply choose a low cost 4G provider in your area that offers unlimited data.  It is OK, if they cap the speed after a certain number of gigabytes – you are streaming quotes, not 4k video.

I use Virgin Mobile quite successfully in my area.  Consider Virgin, Cricket, Boost, US Cellular, or others if you are in the US. Target about $40/month or less.

For specific phone recommendations, you can’t go wrong with a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone – just look for one a few years old/refurbished or a the budget model Galaxy.  Some specific links below (which will provide me with a bit of income to offset the free content):

There are a Lot of options on Amazon and I encourage you to browse and find one that meets your needs.  Verify that your carrier is listed – if you aren’t sure, your carrier can help.

Make sure you spend a few dollars on a case too or you’ll end up repairing it like I did with my trusty iPhone 5s…


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