2020 Year End Results and Review

2020 Year End Results – as many people are trying to quickly get past 2020, I’ll keep this as brief as possible (for me).

2020 Year End Results

At Option Salary we provide real results, shared publicly with everyone here. Members have access to to the trades before they are put on and see actual opens and closes (via the website, emails, and/or texts). Our 2020 mid-year results are here.

S&P 500 – The S&P 500 had a much better second half than first (down ~7%) and ended up 16.26% on the year. It was very volatile and many folks sold in the spring and didn’t get back in. If you Did buy and hold, a $25k account is now worth $29,065.

Option Salary – With just a 5% level of risk on our spread trades, Option Salary returned 24.9%. We also had the nice benefit of being positive the entire year. For those that started with $25k, they’d now have $31,224.

Results – Option Salary Silver members returned almost 8% more than those that bought and held the S&P 500. In real dollar terms, Option Salary members would have $2159 more than buy and hold investors, for each $25k applied to these strategies.

Picture of $125 in US currency representing approximately 1/50 of the 20 Year End Results!
Option Salary profits – shown at 1/50 scale – get it? Sorry…

Caveats –

  • You can’t directly “buy” SPX, but there are numerous ETFs that track the S&P 500 and results would be similar. Dividends paid on SPY or similar ETFs, would narrow the gap a bit (~2%)
  • Option Salary trade sizes are based on a fairly conservative approach. More aggressive traders would have done even better, more conservative traders, would have done worse. The most conservative approach would have returned about 16%, for example, in line with the market.
  • There are still 5 active trades that were put on in December – these were assumed to be closed on 12/31/2020 in the above calculations.
  • All information is based on market close 12/31/2020.

Thank you!

I want to take a minute and thank our members for their support and feedback throughout the year. When we launched at the beginning of the year, we didn’t anticipate a global pandemic nor the large influx of new traders and their interest in options. Thanks for all of the questions, emails, phone calls, and messages throughout the year – it’s great that so many people are learning about how options can be used to create a second salary.

The *most* one could pay for our membership this past year was $368 if they didn’t take advantage of any of the promotions. With a profit of $6224, they would have made almost 17x their membership fee – a pretty good deal! We’re quite pleased with the 2020 year end results and hope you are as well. Ok, enough with 2020 and on to 2021.

If you aren’t a Silver member yet, then Join Us today!

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